Tips On How To Cut Down The Expenses And Cost For Your Wedding

There’s no doubt that the biggest dream of any engaged couple is to have a memorable and interesting wedding. Almost right after the question was popped and the ring was slid on, most couples start weaving wedding dreams. Weddings can be expensive and tiring if you don’t organize it well. Most of the time, the expectations that couples have are far bigger than their budgets. But who really wants to spend too much on the wedding when you can use that money on the honeymoon? Let’s not forget that there’s life after marriage, people!

So how do you cut down the extra expenses and make sure you don’t over spend for your wedding? What do you avoid and what do you spend on? Read on to find what our wedding experts have to say on this…!The venue, location, destination…whatever you want to call it.

A good way to cut down the wedding expenses is to select the venue carefully. Most wedding halls and hotels are very expensive. Opting for a destination wedding is a good way to make sure you don’t over spend here. A destination wedding basically mean having the wedding in a town that neither the bride nor groom belongs to. So this could be anywhere, even the town right next door. You have a vast pick for the location as well; from beaches to farms to even an amusement park. Having an interesting venue will give you an opportunity to play around with your theme as well.

Deciding whether you need professional help or not.

Most of the time, the major part of the wedding expenses goes to the wedding planers and wedding photographer in Bend Oregon. If you’re good at organizing, or if you have the support of friends and family members, you can avoid using a wedding planner. We do agree that using a wedding planner makes life a lot easier though.

The same can be said for the wedding photographer. If you know someone who has a good quality camera, or someone who has a talent for photography, then make use of them. If you don’t want to risk it though, make sure that the professional help you get is worth the money you pay.

The deco, the food and the door gifts.

There’s no point in paying a ridiculous amount on food and catering if the end result is going to taste horrible. Make sure to use a caterer that you are sure of. Better yet, find out if you can find a caterer who is still building their business. They won’t charge you much, and they get a chance to prove their worth. This is risky though, so it’s up to you.

Door gifts are getting very popular these days. You don’t have to spend too much money on them to make them memorable though. It only has to be something cute or elegant.

The same can be said for the decorations as well. DIY is in, people! Your guests are going to definitely be more impressed if the decorations were done tastefully, yet without spending a ridiculous amount on it.

It’s the small things that eventually add up. Take every step of your wedding preparations cautiously, and there’s no way you’ll overspend.