We all know how excited our friend is to be finally be married to her man. However, as her close friends, it becomes our responsibility to throw an epic bridal shower/ bachelorette for her. It’s time to ensure that her day before the wedding becomes an awesome all-girls experience with a few good laughs.

As the best friend/ Bridesmaid you are now given the responsibility to gather all your girlfriends and make sure this hen party becomes a memorable experience. However, since you all are going to be spending a lot on her wedding and the home coming ceremony, it is best if more fun can be achieved with a lesser cost. Follow the below steps.


All the girlfriends want one thing on that day, and that is to have lots of fun. They expect there to be many events and items that will serve the purpose. But, some of these items can be expensive, such as alcohol shots.

Take your time to carefully research online and offline about the possibly enjoyable items that can be included in the agenda with a lesser cost. For example, alternating vodka shots to beer pong. This will ensure the expected amount of fun is achieved at the best cost.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Any kind of party requires some decoration and props. Buying these off stores and online can be expensive where all of it can be easily made by yourself. Check out the wedding photography Cancun pages in Facebook to get a better idea of the latest trends in decorations and do it yourself!!!


What’s a party without any food? Check your friends’ food preferences before ordering the food and make sure to throw in a few of the bride’s favorites as well. There are some foods that can be made by you, if you are a good baker, do not hesitate to bake them yourself as that too can save you money. Make sure there’s at least one food that each person might enjoy.

Memories to the Album

As much as you want to have fun on the day, you can only relax if you know that there’s a person taking pictures of the memories that you create. Therefore, make sure you consult a wedding photographer prior to the event and finalize the one that suits your requirement. This could also be the same person who does the photos on her big day. Don’t Forget About the WeddingAs much as you would love to have an over the top bachelorette with crazy dancing, wild singing, remember that the next day is your friend’s biggest day in her life. Make sure your agenda flows well with properly planned timing so that your friend has ample time to rest and be ready for the next day. If you plan the time flow, chances are that you wouldn’t have to do last minute activities that are bound to increase the cost.

Hen party is about ensuring that your friend enjoys her last day as a bachelor so make sure that she does not feel any financial pressure on that day and she enjoys herself immensely. A well-planned hen party will make her happy and make your girlfriends happy too.