Maternity Photo Shoots: Some Useful Tips And Ideas

Motherhood is a special part of our life and so do that phase when a new life is growing inside you in those nine months. These days, maternity photographers are easily accessible. But make sure you hire an experienced one so that you do not regret for the rest of your life cursing the photographer for taking bad photographs. Here is a list of tips and ideas that will help an expecting mother and her family to have some nice snaps.

• You need to know about the right time of photo shoot – the right time for doing this maternity photography is when your baby bump is visible. While shooting, if it’s not visible, it will be useless to spend time and money on the shoot. Thus, it is better to go for photography session 35 weeks beforehand. But the best will be to decide it with your partner. Add to this, while prepping up for photo shoot you should make sure that you do not have any complications which may aggravate further because of this.

• The second thing which almost all the would-be mothers are curious about during photo shoot is what to wear? Well, during maternity photography, you can accessorise yourself with colourful scarfs, boots, jewelleries, etc. as you won’t get so much scope to do all these later once the baby comes in your life. Do not forget the aim of this shooting- your baby bump needs to be visible. So, opt for such clothes which will show your baby bump. If you are a dress or gown person, then go for accessorising the dress by wearing a belt below your tummy to make the belly look visibly bigger. Rest you can choose clothes according to the background.

• During maternity photo shoots, you can pose in a number of ways to make yourself and your baby bump look amazing. But one thing the photographer should keep in mind that, all poses do not look good on all the expecting mothers. There are various ways a women can carry her baby bump. But there are some of the basic poses which can change your look.

1) By keeping your hands on your belly.

2) By shooting your picture from above so that your body parts, other than your bump will look considerably smaller.

3) Get your partner together for the shoot. In that case the photographer will be able to capture a load of emotional moments. Like the new dad kissing the bump, woman smiling and caressing her upcoming joy, couples holding props, etc.

Enjoy maternity photo sessions so that in future you can actually gift those pictures to your baby to cherish those moments for a lifetime.