When it comes to marriage, each country has its own methods. The traditions change from one culture to another in one way or another. These customs have derived from the ancient times and are still being followed by the many people. Although it is not known whether these traditions are real or mere superstition, people do adhere to them. When people tie the knot in Asia, they do it in their own special way. Take a look at the following to get an idea about their unique customs.
India India is a country that has plenty of traditions and customers. When it comes to marriage, the number of customs can be quite overwhelming. Instead of a bachelor party, the bride and the groom have to sit through a number of rituals including the application of turmeric. The main ceremony itself takes place in front of fire where the couples exchange the sacred vows. The marriage is made official after the couple walk around the fire 7 times.
China The Chinese are very superstitious about the date of the ceremony. They usually refer to a fortune teller or an astrologer to find the right date. So, before you book a professional for Asian pre wedding photography, make sure to get the ceremony date fixed. Also, since red is a very lucky color in China, the bride usually wears a bright red floor-length dress for the ceremony. The bride changes her clothes multiple times to show her family’s wealth.
IndonesiaThe consent of both families is highly valued in an Indonesian marriage. If the families of the couple do not consent for the union, it is considered to be unlucky for the couple to get married.  Therefore, before you make the Asian pre wedding photography Sydney arrangements, make sure to convince your parents about your union. Siraman is another ritual that is followed by many people in the country. This ritualistic bath is known to cleanse the couple of their sins before they become united.
Japan The most important ceremonial ritual in this culture is the sharing of the sake. The groom drinks three cups of rice wine, also known as sake and the bride follows suit. Once they are both done, they offer the glasses to their families to symbolize the newly formed bond. These ceremonies always have a lobster dish in the menu. It is considered to bring good fortune to the happy couple. As you can see, each culture has its own way of respecting and celebrating the event. But do remember that as long as you stay together and love one another, it does not matter how you get married.