When it comes to a wedding ceremony, nobody cares how much we spend; all we look for is to make it grand. But, one should plan every event and budget to make it happen in an organized way. It all depends on what type of service you choose for your wedding. As long as you know what your options are, you can plan a very happening ceremony. You can easily achieve your planned budget with basic understanding of what needs to be done. It’s obvious that you want it to be perfect and successful but other things that you have to consider, it is going to be a stressful job. Being organized can help you come out of this without any hassle and hitch.

When planning a wedding, there are few things that are to be kept in mind, and it will keep it easy going.

1. Discuss the size of the wedding which includes the number of guests you are willing to invite. Discuss it with both the parties and make an estimate list of guests. It may come up as you will be out of number. Here is when you have to make adjustments. Another thing to keep in mind is that people you are inviting to the wedding ceremony will be participating in the reception too. So, make proper adjustments and then prepare the list accordingly.

2. Choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony is a mind boggling job. Decide it with your fiancé about the location. Is it going to be a church or non-church ceremony? Choosing a church means your wedding is going to be a bit formal and more organized. Besides you need to make arrangements and choose people who will be doing the reading part. While non-church wedding ceremony opens many opportunities including your unique way.

3. A wedding ceremony is a lifetime event, and the memories are cherished forever. The best way to keep the memories preserved is through photography and videography. The whole ceremony, the reception, and all the rituals are important events and must be captured. So, you will be required to hire a wedding videographer to preserve your ceremony forever. If you have your plans about the angle and timing of photos and videos to be taken, make sure that your wedding photographer in Yarra Valley is aware of the same.

4. Flowers are the main essence of a wedding ceremony, and you will be needed to decorate your whole venue with flowers. Choosing locals is always the best option. They are capable of giving you seasonal flowers in abundant and with a very low price. Flowers that they will provide will be as fresh as it can be. Flowers are used not only for decoration but many other traditional rituals. Father of groom and bride and other special male guests attending the ceremony will need a boutonniere. And for female guests and mothers of bride and groom will need corsages.